Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Deep Calls

Deep Calls is a team of musicians, intercessors and messengers, based in San Antonio, Texas. Lead by Shon and Teresa Comparin, their passion is to see the power of God manifest in this generation; a generation that would be filled with relentless, intercessory worshipers, seeking with a desperation to connect with His heart and expand the Kingdom of Light. The team flows in the gift of prophecy and healing, carrying a challenging message to the Body of Christ to know Jesus intimately. With a deep rooted love for Him, they would become an untouchable generation, throwing themselves into a life of complete devotion, because they’re love sick for Jesus.

Deep Calls also has a passion for corporate intercession. They operate as a House of Prayer, serving the Kingdom and joining forces with other churches as intercessory musicians. Through prayer and prophetic worship, they are digging the wells of revival to shape history and arrest the hearts of men and women with a passion to contend for heaven to break into the earth. 

Listen to our broadcast on Radio Air Jesus every Friday morning from 10:30am - 12:30pm cst


0 #1 HELEN 2014-05-06 12:44
I listened to Pastor Irma Ynclan @ 12 noon. On the Eye of the storm. It was great, awesome. I am in the eye of the storm & not being tossed around. I'm keeping my eyes on Jesus & not looking to the R or L. This just confirmed everything. Helped me to remember He is in full control, & will provide for all my needs. Thank you Jesus & thank you Pastor Irma for sharing the word He gave you. :D

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